I feel like I’m already abandoning this blog by not having a substantial post right here at the beginning.

So for now I’ll just list some topics I’m going to cover with this blog. This is mostly for me as a springboard to create tags and categories and at least start a plan for organizing the site.

  • BI best practices
  • BI worst practices
  • New technologies
  • Buzzwords. So many buzzwords.
  • Of which, my data science journey
  • Code I write
  • Hacks and tricks and shortcuts
  • Projects I work on
  • People I meet
  • Talks I attend
  • Talks I give
  • How to sell BI
  • Creating a BI Center of Excellence
  • Developing a coherent Data Strategy
  • Teaching my kids to code
  • Developing internal marketing for BI
  • Interesting websites I find

Anyway, if these topics interest you, stay tuned, I’m going to try to post twice a week at first and see how that works into my schedule.